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Check back periodically for more information on Upcoming Events with the 4REALS Anti-Racism team.

You'll find information on:

  • Who We’re Working With
  • Training Sessions Open to the Public

  • Key-Note ACTION-NOW Learning Engagements (otherwise known as “addresses”)

  • Annual 4REALS Retreat

    • June 2023 – News Coming Soon
  • Podcasts, Interviews, and Panels
  • Book Anti-Racism 4REALS here


  • COMING SPRING 2023: Introducing the 4REALS. Learn how to use the 4REALS method in any situation to actually interrupt and dismantle racism.

    • Learn the difference between REAL Talk and More Talk and three (3) proven strategies to transform More Talk into REAL Talk.

    • Learn how to enact five (5) REAL Strategies you can use every day, including one (1) that’s not in the book!

    • Practice anti-racism in REAL Time with three (3) scripts you can use to interrupt racism even if you don’t know the anti-racism next step yet.

    • Work, step-by-step, through two REAL Change processes created to provide anti-racist accountability structures for your organization’s budget and board membership.

  • COMING SUMMER 2023: REAL TALK: Creating an Anti-Racist Organizational Culture with the Logic System of Anti-Racism

  • COMING FALL  2023: REAL STRATEGIES: Empowering Your Organization and Its Leaders with ACTION-NOW Learning Engagements

  • COMING WINTER 2023: REAL TIME: Doing the Work of Anti-Racism in Times of Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn Responses

  • COMING SPRING 2024: REAL CHANGE: Accountability, Transparency, Agility, and Evidenced Outcomes.

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